If you don’t get these three things right…

… people will choose your competitors over you!


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Potential customers scoping out new companies to buy from are trying to validate potential candidates – are they credible and trustworthy?

So they check the three things that we like to call The Triangle Of Trust:

  • Your website
  • Your Facebook page
  • Your online reviews

So what are people looking for specifically?

  • Your website – is it easy to find, easy to use? Does it look professional?
  • Your Facebook page – is it active, or a virtual ghost town?
  • Your Online Reviews – are they positive, frequent, recent, responded to?

Red Flags

What sort of thing will steer potential new customers away from you, towards your competitors?

  • Website:
    • No website
    • A tired website (“copyright 2012”?)
    • A do-it-yourself website that was CLEARLY not developed by a professional
    • A website that doesn’t work well on smaller screens (text too small to read, content wider than the screen)
  • Facebook Page:
    • A page that hasn’t been posted to for months
    • A Facebook business page that hasn’t been claimed (“Is this your business?”)
    • One with an incomplete About section (“when are your opening hours?”)
    • Comments were not responded to
    • A “dead” page…
  • Online Reviews:
    • There is at least one negative review near the top of the list (and several people have “liked” it! 😱)
    • The last review was 2 years ago
    • The business barely ever responds to reviews
    • There are less than 5 reviews

These three areas should be The Foundation for ALL other marketing. If you don’t get these three things right, your conversions will suffer massively. Any money you spend on advertising and other kinds of marketing will be going down the drain. And you know what’s even worse? The people that DID manage to find you end up going to your competitors instead!

The Pathway To Success Starts With A Solid Foundation!

  • A professional website
  • An active Facebook page
  • A steady flow of online reviews


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