Affordable Websites

Recent research showed that more than one-third (36%) of small businesses do not have a website, even though websites are generally considered a requirement for small businesses.

…And One Of The Biggest Factors Was Cost.

Our Solution: Templated Designs

We offer high-quality websites at competitive prices.

  • Professional look
  • Modern feel
  • Customized to your business

We built 4 types of websites, and they can easily be customized for your business by swapping out our text and photos for yours. The 4 types of websites are:

  1. One-pager with slogan beside the contact us form
  2. One-pager with a video beside the contact us form
  3. One-pager with an email list-building report beside the contact us form
  4. A 10-page website; these can be customized with options #1-3 (slogan, video or report)

Take a look at our templates:

Screenshot of One-pager website with slogan
Screenshot of One-pager website with promo video
Screenshot of One-pager website with an email list-building report
Screenshot of the 10-page website


Templates vs. Custom

These templates can easily be customized for other industries, like Contractors, Veterinarians or Chiropractors.

What you see is what you get – to an extent; you are able to have us make these customizations:

  • Add your images
  • Add your text
  • Move sections up or down
  • Remove sections
  • Change colour schemes

But that’s about all that can be changed. Anything more, like adding new sections, creating images, banners, videos, etc. are considered Custom, and we can provide you with a separate quote for that.

Want something looking a little fancier instead? Check out our YaySites service.


The images in our templates are merely placeholders. These images are licensed to us, and are not included in your website. We assume you will deliver us with images of your own (authenticity is always best), but if you need stock photography there may be an additional charge to cover the licensing fees. We can always try to find free images, but there is not an abundance of them.

We assume you will provide us with your own text. You can use the templates for guidelines as to what to write. At an additional fee we can do the writing for you, based on phone interviews.

Some of the templates come with videos or email marketing solutions. These too are provided as is, albeit customized for your company. Should you want us to develop a whole new video from scratch, we can so that, at an additional fee.

Additional pages can be provided, at an additional fee. Talk us through your plans, and we can give you an idea of budget.

Asking us to replace content that you provided us with earlier (redo work that was already done) may be subject to additional fees.

HST will be added to all amounts mentioned on this page, if applicable.
We reserve the right to pull or adjust this offer at any time.


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