Why You Need A (Better) Website

Benefits Of A Modern, Mobile-ready, Secure Website

Are you the owner of a small business or company? How is your online presence? This can be your website, social media page, or business listings across the web. If you don’t know the answer to this question, then you are most likely leaving a large amount of money on the table.

With an estimated 3.2 billion people around the world actively using the internet today, it is now the biggest marketplace on the planet for buying and selling products and services. It is time you put your own business on the map with a good website. So why exactly do you need a great website?

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Here are some more reasons:

1. A Website Builds Trust

Today, users on the internet have come to look at a website as a first stepping stone on the path to trusting a company. Search engines are used for researching companies before consumers engage in transactions with these companies. Recent research shows that when asked how often consumers check local business websites before using a business, 76% look at local business websites at least half of the time (BrightLocal).

With a website that looks good and feels good, you inspire loyalty and trust in the visitors to the site. Provide them with useful information about your company and the services you offer. In order to make your site more credible, keep it updated, be responsive, post customer reviews and provide a forum for customers to engage in discussions with each other. People are trusting websites more than Google My Business or directory listings!

2. You’ll Be Visible to Search Engines

A whopping 81% of people start their search for a product or business online. This makes sites like Google, Bing, and Yahoo prime real estate if you have a business. If your website has been designed by professionals who have experience with search engine optimization (SEO) methods, you gain the ability to increase traffic to your site and make it far more credible and popular with your users. Before long, your brand might even become synonymous with the products and services you offer.

3. A Website Expands Your Customer Reach

Does your business serve a large area of customers right now, or a smaller one? When you get your company on the internet, your customer base expands to include every person not just in your area, but surrounding areas as well. Anyone anywhere can visit your site and even purchase products on it. Shipping is as easy as going down to the post office and shipping the products to them!

4. Your Website Is ALWAYS Selling

Your website is out there promoting your business 24/7, 365 days of the year. With a website, you never need to have employees manning a booth or a point of sales device. All your sales can be conducted online, and you never have to lift a finger! In addition to this, you gain so much exposure through being open all the time that there is only one way for your reputation to go – up!

As you can see, having a good website is essential to having a successful business. Paired with SEO, global exposure and great design, you could become one of the biggest names on the internet. Choose your web design company carefully, though. This is the decision that will make or break your business in the future!

So Why Don’t You Have A Website (Yet)?

A 2017 research showed the following reasons why small businesses didn’t have a website (yet):

  • 31% of small businesses use social media instead of having a website (social media should supplement websites, not replace them)
  • 25% of small businesses lack technical knowledge (we can help)
  • 23% of small businesses believe it is not relevant to their business or industry (customers disagree)
  • 22% of small business lack human and/or financial resources (tip: start small, and reinvest your extra profits)

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Small Business Website Priorities

  • 23% plan to create more high quality content to publish on-site
  • 20% plan to make their website more mobile-friendly
  • 19% plan to make their website more user-friendly
  • 17% plan to improve SEO by optimizing on-site features
  • 12% plan to improve website security
  • We can help you with all of this!

Source: https://clutch.co/web-designers/resources/small-business-2017-website-survey


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Websites Worth the Effort for Small Businesses

It is more important than ever to have a responsive, well designed website for your small business.

Whether you are just starting out, think the web isn’t related to your industry, or don’t think you have the time and money, launching a website needs to be a top priority.

“Oh my god, everybody’s on the Internet. My competitors are there. I’m behind the times.”